Alpha and Jam Launches First 8K Digital LED Screen

As part of our innovative mantra, we are glad to announce the launch of the first 8K digital LED screen at terminal 1E at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport. The 8K LED is the new image quality standard for the LED market, delivering unparalleled image quality, making any content of exceptional quality. 

The 8K screen also includes color volume, giving viewers billions of shades of color and color accuracy, displaying rich and accurate images.

Alpha and Jam Launches 008 in Lagos

008, No Time To Die! Alpha and Jam has completed the development of an innovative double deck project in Lagos. After its launch, it became Nigeria’s most innovative advertising platform. 008 will allow brands the premium platform that they have always craved to connect with their audiences in ways that drive a better emotional connection with their brands. 008 comprises of 2 sides: an innovative double deck and an LED screen.

Alpha and Jam Launches Taxi-top (quarOOH)

If you’re anything like Alpha and Jam, you’ll see that the vehicle top is an under utilized advertising medium in desperate need of disruption in Nigeria. In the ride-sharing space, there are thousands of rooftops that could be generating millions of brand impressions, but are instead doing almost nothing.

Alpha and Jam has collaborated with Uber Nigeria to monetise this opportunity via Taxi-top display on cars. The Taxi Top Display is a flagship product of Quar, a subsidiary of Alpha and Jam.

Alpha and Jam’s Pan-Nigeria Photo Contest

Alpha & Jam’s new Webinar series is aimed at Creative Directors to bridge the gap between the established and the up and coming photographers. The main purpose of the photo contest is to give marketing exposure to the participants of the contest. Getting your name out there as the winner of a prestigious contest is one way to increase exposure.

The iconic Madison coming soon to Kenya

The Madison is coming. Alpha and Jam has commenced development of what will be the most iconic screen in Kenya “The Madison”.

When launched it will be EastAfrica’s most iconic advertising platform. The development will mark the launch of Alpha and Jam’s east African operation. The Madison will allow brands the premium platform that they have always craved to connect with their audiences in ways that drive a better emotional connection with their brands.

A massive 392sqm of UltraHD display, the Madison Kenya is 34m in width all-inclusive and 12.9m in height with a total screen display dimension of 32m width by 12.69m height making it the Biggest digital advertising structure in East and Central Africa.

Alpha and Jam 75million Naira CaCovid Support

As a major player in the media industry across West Africa, Alpha and Jam played a major part in awareness as a means of her corporate social responsibility. In April, the company donated 75million Naira worth of media inventory in its fight against the virus to the private sector initiative of Accessbank and Dangote foundation “CaCovid”

Ca-Covid is supported by big multinationals and global players from likes or Dangote group, MTN, First bank, GTBANK and the top 500 businesses in Nigeria and also by the Central bank of Nigeria. This private sector-led initiative as impact heavily in this fight support the government and directly the citizens of Nigeria.

AMD launches In-Station

In partnership with Enyo fueling station, we are pleased to announce the launch of alpha and jam’s In-station network across 15 states in Nigeria making alpha and Jam the largest digital network by coverage and footprint in West and east Africa.

We are working to partner with all the remaining top 10 energy downstream oil companies to increase our presence to 80% of all feeling stations in the country, as we plan for the future of energy going electric.