"If we enjoy the pleasures of today and live no future for our children then we would have failed as a generation"-Founder Alpha and Jam. This forms the bases for our commitment to fighting against climate change as an organisation

For the next 10 years we have chatted a course that will ensure we nearly eradicate our carbon footprint and also ensure that our brands, clients and partners are carbon neutral in their dealings with us.

Mother nature is like a computer G-I-G-O, you get what you give and as a business looking to be as relevant even more in the next 100 years we have to ensure we have the right operational environment for our future. This in part is a major reason our portfolio is closely 90% digital. This way, we save our planet by offering carbon free media platforms to our clients which in turn helps them also play their part by choosing a partner like Alpha and Jam.


Reducing our carbon dependent energy source across all our platforms to ensure we can reduce our footprint no matter how little.

Increasing virtual operations ( sales and expansion ) projections to reduce our footprint on traveling by air or moving by road

Providing special sales discount to business with lower carbon footprint and those making efforts to reduction

Energy Efficient Investment, from 2021 we are ensuring to buy digital assets with 50% less power consumption, hence focusing our trading deals with manufacturers whose product consume less.

Electric Drive Project. From 2021, we will start the electric car for poll operations plan, it is a gradual process but this project will start from 2021

Internal operations, since 2019 till date, we have cut down on our office carbon emission by 50%. And we plan to do more

Externally, how we reduce our carbon Emission in a stand against climate Change

Partnership with Candle

Our partnership with Candle as a premium preferred DSP and SSP ensures that candle donates 1% of its advertising revenue to climate change courses. This makes our business more impactful and responsive to the climate course we stand for. For more information on this, visit Dashboard.candle.media

Our Patners