Payment in Nigeria is beginning to take a new form as more policy support from the central bank is aiding the push to an extensive cashless society however there are still about 75% of work to be done with the cashless society because of the difficultly in adaptability . So Capricorn digital, the parent company of baxibox developed a merchant based payment solution to help increase the financial inclusive of the mass especially in rural areas.

As the brand grew, baxibox needed to re-brand in order to be more appeal to a wider tech savvy audience and also still retain its image as that payment solution without any boundries. What we did was exceptionally simple, we converted the speak of the box which was before now the understanding of brand to a tablet that represents the new tech age and we still retained the speak but with beautiful border lines.


Capricorn Digital

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Mobile Game Design, Facebook Game