The clients brief was a double check, Durex had tried globally to get Unicode (the Unicode website) to help install condom emojis to allow people to user condom as an emoji in their sex-texting. This request was turned down. It was the festive Christmas season with long holidays which means long late stays and nights with opposite sex which also means more sex.

Our approach was to localize the brief and create something that connected with Nigerians, hence we had to chose social messaging platforms with lots of coverage. BBM, Twitter, Facebook and a other media were perfect means with over 22million users and about 5million active monthly users on BBM, it was a platform to go with.

We developed special Durex stickers that shows different sex emojis that people were used to but this time have a condom covering.
Our idea was if we could make the sex conversation safe the it increases the chances that the actual sex would be safe..


Reckitt Benckiser

What We Did

Social Media Campaign, Digital Creatives, Content Design, ORM


Over 120,000 BBM sticker downloads, 5 days of trending the conversation #DurexBBMSTICKERS on twitter, an total of 75million Durex brand sticker impressions and 32million sticker use from BBM in 6weeks.