The launch of the G4 was very crucial to the brand’s positioning statement in the Nigerian mobile market space as competition for premium perception are tougher in the market. The client’s brief was how we could sell a phone that’s a first-of-its-kind with a premium leather back experience in the face of two other premium launch from other phone brands.

Our understanding of the mobile phone market placed a lot in our curation of an effective online media plan that would drive conversions and steer sales. The first things we did was to really identity what a phone is to (Nigerians) want, the Nigerian Market want something more than just “dialing a number”, thankfully LG had more to offer, their new leather back phone and a professional grade camera system that allows people to take far more advance photos and experiences than any other phone. Our direction was then to make the two major elements in order to connect with our target audience in a seamless manner.

We developed creative materials that give the spotlight to the phones most important features and also a video production that ran across all the cinema screens across the country targeted at two major movie launches. we were able to make 43million brand impressions on social media, collectively.



What We Did

UI/UX Design, Mobile Game Design, Facebook Game