Every-time of the year, when there are more rain downpours, the case of malaria is always very high and this is not hard to understand as rain create water log area which in turn breeds mosquitoes which then causes malaria. Our task was to see how we can tactically sell Mortein during this season when its needed the most.
What we did was simple, we connected to a cloud weather center that helped provide us with accurate information about the weather in varying locations, in turn we communicated the message to people.


This weather information was implemented using a rich-media floor banner ad that allowed us show the location, time and temperature, the ad tells the user when its raining, when its about to rain and if it rained yesterday.
When users’ mouse over the ad they see a weather forecast for yesterday, today and tomorrow informing them of the risk level of malaria, we then included Mortein bundle offers in the ad to help drive sales.


Reckitt Benckiser

What We Did



Over 35million ad imprressions at 0.07 CTR , a total additional 21million impressions through remarketing from the ecommerce platform and increase in sales output for the quarter when the campaign ran.