Samsung home appliances west Africa wanted to create a website for the Nigerian and West-African market that is unique and also use the platform to drive product sales.

Our first point of call was to understand the Nigerian and West-African market and how they connect with home appliance. The very important factor was that we were dealing with a model-centric consumer population who are also very price sensitive, they also had a relationship based cultural system.

We developed a website that was mobile first in design but also has a human-face to it which was very key to help drive brand and consumer relationship and increase sales conversion. We developed an extensive CRM system that allowed us to track consumer behaviour on the site, the system knows when people are window shopping and can throw in deals that will lead to an actual purchase, we also developed a heat mapping system that showed users’ moves through the site, which also enable us perfoem¬†site performance optimization.



What We Did

UI/UX Design, Mobile Game Design, Facebook Game