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At Alpha and Jam we have built a sophisticated advertising module that allows property owners earn huge amounts of revenue through advertising


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Our business is in selling advertising space at prime locations that can reach an advertising audience. There are two major ways, pre-development and post development directions. For pre-development route our expert work with the developers to careful craft out where along the development will be best suitable for advertising installation so that the property is design with it in mind from this allows our marketing team to drive pre-launch sales to prime advertising to want to be on the advertising space even before it is completed.

However in postdevelopment cases, a proper site analytical survey is done to under the audience flow indoor and traffic flow for outdoor assets. Once installatments are made the work shifts to our sales and marketing expert to do their magic. In almost all cases we invest in developing the advertising structures at no cost tot the property owner. Our contractural agreements us usually either on a revenue share model of a rental fee model either depending on our investment we advise you accordingly.

All the headaches is ours, all you need us ensure to have properties in prime locations of that attract a prime audience.

The Development Team
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lolade Dawodu
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Media Revenues Generation from RealEsate Investment

Alpha and Jam provides exceptional real estate capabilities working with both private and public entities. With industry experts in-house in our portfolio and real estate investment unit, Alpha and Jam's understanding of signage and its knowledge of how signage relates to out-of-home (OOH) advertising is excellent through year of experience with private and public infrastructure managers. From design and financial modelling to permitting, leasing, and the management of signage, Alpha and Jam will work with you to maximize the value of your property.